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Barri Payne at Payne Family Law and Mediation has also assisted adoptive parents, adoption agencies, and biological parents with matters of adoption.

Adoption is not limited to simply representing prospective adoptive parents adopting a baby, it also includes assistance with adoptive procedures like:

  • arranging home studies and post placement assessments
  • Working with an adoption agency
  • Working with the biological parents directly in an independent adoptions
  • Step-Parent adoptions
  • Surrogacy and Artificial Reproductive Technology issues
  • Re-Adoptions after there has been an adoption in a foreign countries
  • Adult adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights proceedings to make a child available for adoption

Barri Payne Family Law & Mediation

North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law
Certified Family Financial Mediator


Irrespective of the reason behind adoption, the process takes place through the court system. The exact process is dictated by the nature of the adoption and the statutes governing the process in N.C. This can sometimes be quite complex with many elements that need to be considered, like your estate and the inheritance of your other children. The adoption process does not require the assistance of a lawyer, though prudent advice would be to seek counsel of a qualified adoption attorney before you begin. Barri Payne is a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law.

Her experience and expertise can help guide you through the system and help you avoid common pitfalls not readily apparent to people not trained in the process. She can help elucidate all the elements you might want to consider so that you can move forward and make choices based on an educated perspective. Call her and schedule a consultation to discuss your North Carolina adoption needs and concerns.

Board Certified Legal Specialist in Family Law
NC DRC Certified Family Financial Mediator