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The Mediation Process

Mediation is required by the NC statutes and family courts for child custody and equitable distribution cases. Additionally it can be very helpful for resolving all other issues as well.

In both Durham and Wake Counties, residents are lucky to have a specialized Family Court system. Family Courts employ specially trained staff who work with the Judges to schedule matters in as efficient a manner as possible. Counties with Family Courts also have a detailed set of Rules which all attorneys and litigants must follow and which are designed to assist parties with receiving the information that they need toi mediate their cases effectively and to provide the information the Courts need to ultimately decide the cases if mediation is not successful.

Mediation is a tool that got its initial foothold in civil litigation matters involving huge financial settlements back in the early 90s. Quickly, lawyers and courts alike understood the value that creative agreements can have in resolving conflict. Now, mediation is a standard element of almost every civil lawsuit filed.The process can have many different faces. The general concept is that parties air their needs and issues in a private forum to a professional neutral called a mediator. Mediators are specially trained listeners and evaluators that assist families in conflict to find common ground. During the mediation process you and your lawyer have broad opportunity to ensure the elements most important to you are heard and the mediator helps parties find solutions that are fair and appropriate in light of the family’s unique circumstances and issues.

Barri Payne Family Law & Mediation

North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Family Law

Certified Family Financial Mediator


Barri Payne is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. She has helped clients successfully negotiate lasting resolutions in their divorces through the use of mediation. Additionally, Barri is a certified family financial mediator herself, bringing extra skill to the process and to her ability to provide her clients with realistic expectations about what mediation might be able to achieve for their case.

Call Barri to find out more about amicably resolving your separation and divorce issues through mediation or other tools. She can provide you with a thorough explanation of mediation and other collaborative processes to negotiate your matter in a peaceful manner.

Board Certified Legal Specialist in Family Law
NC DRC Certified Family Financial Mediator