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Barri Payne is a Certified Family Law Mediator

In 2011, Barri completed her mediation certification with the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and is available to mediate represented or unrepresented parties. Mediation is a great way to resolve family law issues. It is required in child custody cases and equitable distribution (property division) matters. Mediation can often save parties both time and money and can keep your case from going to court. Barri completed a 40-hour mediation training, mediation observations with other certified family law mediators, and has had numerous mediations as an attorney over the course of her career in family law.

Since certification in 2011, BP has mediated and helped resolve cases involving child custody, child support, spousal support and equitable distribution. Occasionally, she has mediated with parties who did not have legal representation, but more often she is mediating with parties and their respective attorneys. In many situations, the attorneys have selected her by agreement and in other situations, she has been appointed by the Court to mediate cases. So whether you are an attorney or an individual going through a separation and divorce, contact BP to discuss any questions you may have about mediating your matter.

So, whether you are an attorney or party looking for a mediator, Barri is happy to assist you.

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