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Child Custody & Support FAQs

How is Child Support Calculated?

How is child support determined in North Carolina? Is it a specific percentage of the non-custodial parents’ income? No, there is not a set percentage. Child Support is calculated using the N.C. Child Support Guidelines using each party’s income, the child care expenses, the medical insurance costs for the children...

Is Modification Possible?

Can my custody or child support terms be changed later? Yes, if the terms were set forth in a court order they can be changed later upon a showing that there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the date of the last order affecting the welfare of the...

Can Children Decide Where They Live?

When can kids decide on their own which parent they want to live with? There is no set age in N.C. as to when this can occur. It is in the Judge’s discretion whether to speak to children and give them any input into the determination. Judges vary as to...

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