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Barri Payne Listed in the 2021 Edition of Best Lawyers in America

We are so happy to share with you that Barri Payne has been included in the Family Law Section of the 2021 Edition of Best Lawyers in America. Barri is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and is certified as a Family Financial Mediator through the North Carolina Dispute...

The Covid 19 Pandemic and Your Case

Dear Valued Clients: I wanted to update all of you on how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting Payne Family Law and Mediation and potentially your legal matter. Our office hours. First, know that we are still working, albeit reduced hours given the slowdown and our own personal needs to manage...

From a War of the Roses to a Meeting of the Minds – Getting the Most from Mediation

Your family law clients might not be ready to draw a line through the center of the house as Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner did in THE WAR OF THE ROSES, but their divorces may be just as contentious. Whether contentious or not, family law matters can be skillfully resolved with the help of a mediator extensively experienced in family law.

How do Courts Determine Child Custody?

What does the Court look at to determine child custody? The Court can consider anything which may be relevant to what custodial schedule is in the child’s best interest. These issues often include: How the caregiving responsibilities were shared during the marriage and since separation; The age, maturity level and...

How Much is Your Pet Worth To You?

Reflections on a Recent NC Appellate Case Should we be able to recover monetary damages for the loss of our pet? If so, how is the pet’s value determined? Does the pet have intrinsic value beyond the cost of purchase? What about recovery for non-economic damages such as loss of...

Barri Payne is a Certified Family Law Mediator

In 2011, Barri completed her mediation certification with the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and is available to mediate represented or unrepresented parties. Mediation is a great way to resolve family law issues. It is required in child custody cases and equitable distribution (property division) matters. Mediation can often save...

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