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Separation & Divorce FAQs

What if my spouse won’t move?

Can the Court force my spouse to move out of the home? In certain circumstances this can be accomplished particularly if there is domestic violence or substance abuse occurring. Contact us to discuss this further. Sometimes an amicable agreement to separate can be reached once you hire counsel who can...

What do Separation Agreements Cover?

What issues can we cover in a Separation Agreement? You can address all issues arising from your marriage and separation except you cannot contract about getting an absolute divorce. You can agree on child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, the division of all your marital assets and debts from...

The Year Long Separation

Can my spouse and I agree we have been separated for over a year? In other words, if we agree, does it matter when one of us actually moves out of the house? No, you cannot “agree” on a separation date. When you file the Complaint you will have to...

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